Living Three Dimensionally

Writers experience the world in a peculiar way.

All humans observe. Some observe and engage.

But we, as writers, observe and engage and apply. It is a three dimensional way to spend our lives.

For example, a video of a man stacking rocks comes through on my Facebook newsfeed. Everyone watches it, if only for a moment. A fraction of those will attempt what they see by stacking rocks on their next visit to the sea shore. But writers watch it, try it, and take mental notes through the stacking of those rocks.

Click the picture for the video.

We carefully note the sound the rocks make when they bump each other and when they tumble. How our fingertips feel when they graze the rough surface. The smell of the muck we disturb dredging rocks for our monument. How our frustration mounts as they fall and our joy when it stands independently.

A rock stack built by my son.
A rock stack built by my son.

We do this because we intuitively know that rock stacking is a wonderful thing for one of our characters to do.

This is what makes us great writers.

We experience the world three-dimensionally.

It is why our readers read what we write.

Live and write 3-D my friends.