A New Year & A New Us

We are a fortunate species.

We have cycles.

Day and night. Weekdays and weekends. Seasons. Life and death.


Year is the cycle most deeply anchored in our soul. It is scratched on ancient cave walls. Revered by faiths and traditions around the globe. Obeyed by creatures big and small. We feel it and we heed it.

January 1st is when we release a sigh of relief, followed by a deep draw of anticipation. The past has gone and the future looms, as promising and daunting as ever. Just as it has for millennia, as it did for our ancestors.

Now, it is your turn, our turn to fulfill the hope and promise of all who have come before. To be intentional and energized, purposeful. So when we pass the baton to those waiting at the end of our cycle, the start of theirs, it is done with force enough to reveal our love for them and ourselves and those who came before.

It is my hope that this year when your resolutions are made, your scope extends beyond yourself. Include all humanity in your vision.

Is 2017 the year you mend a relationship? Finish your masterpiece? Love your neighbor? Reach down to pull up the fallen? Go to battle for those who need a hero? Finally put yourself first? Accept help? Let yourself be loved? Do what needs doing?

I need you. We need you. Humanity needs you.  

Be intentional my friend.

In love,


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