Happy Emerge Beyond Circles Day!

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Today is the day. What a beautiful phrase.

Life is full of moments, most of them quite small. I have often written about the importance of finding significance in the seemingly insignificant. And it is a foundational belief that directs my approach to living life.

However, we are gifted a handful of monumental moments. Those events so large that they make it impossible to miss their impact. The birth of a child. A wedding day. Graduations. These happen and they demand we recognize their ferocious presence, that we stop and look and listen and let it saturate us.

These are the times we look down at our feet and understand we now stand at the conclusion of a long and treacherous path. In a place, we thought we would never arrive. We stand in awe and we stand surprised. We stand battered and exhausted. But we also stand renewed and energized with reflective tears stinging our eyes.

This is how I stand before you now.

My moment is the release of my novel, Emerge Beyond Circles.

It is a day in which I rejoice. It’s a big one. And I am eternally grateful to share it with you.

May you find joy in the small things and rejoice in the big things.

Now, I am going to grab some coffee and put my feet up for a bit.

With Love,


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