5 Novel Writing Tips!

Writing a novel is infinitely complicated. But, if there is one blooming in your soul you should go ahead and write it. You will not regret it.

Here are some insights into what needs to be done. 

  1. Use the five senses and more. You might remember to include sight and smell but what about taste, feel, and sound? These latter three tend to get neglected. Be sure to get them in your story. For example, if your character is walking in the woods in the fall, you can include the taste of earthen leaves settling on their tongue. Be sure to include other sensory delights like body language and character reactions to events around them.
  2. Plan your work. I can’t stress this enough. I often hear writers lamenting their affliction of writer’s block. The surest way to have focus and keep moving is to have a detailed plan of your story. Know the ending and every key plot event. It will give your writing clarity and purpose. Also, if life interrupts your writing, you will be able to pick up where you left off.
  3. Your writing is your writing. You have a style. The way you put words and sentences together has a flavor unique to you. Don’t squash it. Certainly, there are rules to follow. But I am giving you permission to write your way. Give the world your novel, not one that adheres to the rules and just plain sucks as a result.
  4. Use your life as inspiration. Your life is full of crap. It is full of beauty. It is full of everything in between. Give some of that to your characters. It will make them complete and deep.
  5. Know the finish line awaits. If you keep writing and revising and editing you will have your book in your hands one day. It is a certainty. Internalize this: “If I keep going I am guaranteed to finish”.

You can do it. You are meant to do it. And the world wants to read your masterpiece.


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